Saintseneca Release The Spirits @ Mercury Lounge

Saintseneca passed through New York City’s Lower East Side on Friday night as they celebrated the release of their new album Such Things. The band shared the Mercury Lounge stage with the likes of Yowler and The Sidekicks as they began the Northeast leg of their three month long Intercontinental tour (wow!). This melting pot of friends and musicians came together in Columbus, Ohio, and they brought a distinct American tinged rock n’ roll with them. Yowler (who also happens to be a member of Saintseneca) began the night with a stripped down solo set which softened the crowd up for the explosive fullness of The Sidekicks. These guys brought an energy to the room which brought you back the post punk days of Fugazi, but with the moves of a thrash rock mosh pit. The show was riddled with minor sound issues, which allowed Saintseneca frontman Zac Little to use his humor to create a comfortable and entranced crowd. And as expected, there were plenty of melodic harmonies, washed out vocals, and musicians switching instruments, which has come to be a routine set for Saintseneca.


Saintseneca formed around Zac Little after he moved from rural Appalachian Ohio to attend college in Columbus. They have been actively releasing music and touring since 2008. It takes a noticeably different direction as it seems to be moving closer to indie-rock and farther from folk but still keeps a noticeably unique balance between the two. This band is a refreshing escape from the Major city bands which miss out on a large portion of the American experience, and can sometimes be a little too close to each other  stylistically. All in all this is another sonically eclectic album from Saintseneca. The Beasts suggest you have a listen, and step outside the box. Make sure to support them out there when they pass through your town. You can find a complete list of shows right hereand their newly released music video for “Bad Ideas” below!