As a person who is not skilled or talented in any way other than writing, (which.. let’s face it.. is not really a talent or skill) I was incredibly pleased when I found out about this app.

Yousician is a new app that acts as your musical instructor. It hears you play a certain song and it will track how close or off you were in relation to said song and even gives you obstacles and different “missions” that will enhance your motivation to learn.


Since I don’t play any instrument really well, I asked my friend If I could borrow his guitar in order to practice using this app. It was great, Yousician helps even the least knowledgeable like me, it asks for the level of experience that you have and then according to that it teaches either the basics, like tuning a guitar or learning frets or something more advanced.


Yousician at the moment can help you learn three different instruments. The guitar, ukulele and the piano. The app works great with a few hiccups here and there but nothing that completely derails from the learning experience or from the fun of using the app.


If I hadn’t sold my guitar for 20 bucks, I would definitely have downloaded this app. How was I supposed to know 3 years ago that this would come into fruition? Well, if you are having a hard time picking up your instrument, know that there is an easy way to learn it all.