Sea of Bees Swarm Brooklyn

Baby’s All Right was buzzing this past Monday with the indie folk rock of Sacramento’s Sea of Bees. Julie Ann Bee and her mesmerizing sidekick Amber brought some California cool to the room with their laid back presence, heart filled harmonies, and lyrics that will turn you inside out. The soft tension in their progressions seemed to have been pulled down straight from the aether. One word in particular came to mind as I took it all in; real. Julie’s ensemble had no superficial facade – no constructed image. They were simply real musicians, making
real music, and making us all really happy. Maybe it was the mid set story about the penis museum in Iceland that did it…

sea ofbees

After moving to Sacramento from the suburbs to pursue art, Julie began Sea of Bees as a solo project for friends, 40’s, and house parties. “It kinda just happened naturally,” she said. “One day I just came out and said ‘I’m the Sea of Bees.’ There wasn’t too much thinking about it. It just kinda happened.” After a bit of a serendipity meeting and befriending publisher of Tape-op magazine (her future manager) John Baccigaluppi, John hooked Julie up with Amber, Sea of Bees recorded their first EP and the journey began. Two albums and a trans Atlantic tour later, Sea of Bees find themselves in Brooklyn once again in support of their new album Build a Boat to the Sun which you can stream for free here.

During my short conversation with Julie about California, life, and how it all happened, I was able to get some insight for our beasts.

Do you think your sound reflects where you came from?

I like to think so… I don’t know… I think my goal is just making people happy. I don’t even know if I’m so focused on what it is or what my sound is, I just want happiness for people. When you think about it, life is so dull, you know… You’re living and you’re dying but when you see the bits of goodness in people, It just makes me happy.”

The moments that make life worth living kinda thing…

Exactly, it makes it worth everything… To keep going, to love, to be loved, art, music. It makes everything worth everything… Does that make sense?” (laughs)

After seeing the show later on, It made perfect sense. Sea of Bees surely has a bright and happy future ahead of them. Be sure to catch them Wednesday July 22 at The Living Room in Brooklyn for another great show and a taste of that honey.

sea of bees