Montreal indie-pop band Seoul stopped by Rough Trade this past Saturday night and they brought their massive dreamy synth sound with them. Opening the night were locals Lightning Bug, who are master shoegazers. They set the tone with seoulklktheir intricately skilled pedal work and ripping bass lines; definitely a band to keep an eye on. They were followed with a toned down set by Young Ejecta, the Brooklyn based synth-pop duo featuring Leanne Macomber of Neon Indian, who was the only one present for this particular set. The songs were aesthetically sloppy but gave the audience a more candid look into Leanne’s raw style.

Seoul is now more than halfway through their North American tour, and still performing with an energy that moved the crowd. Their Canadian-bred style is just peculiar enough to get you interested, then you crash under the ambient wave of their dream-like synth driven songs. The band has maintained an air of anonymity which seems to work with their reverb drowned style. The Beasts suggest you find this band in a town near you.You can find all the tour dates here. In the meantime, check out their newly released video for “Real June”, and dream on dreamers.