Shannon And The Clams Will Heal Your Broken Heart

Shannon and the Clams just released their new album Gone by the Dawn on September 11th. Shannon Shaw, Cody Blanchard and Nate Mahan set the tone about relationships and the breakup problems we all see coming, try to avoid, but know are inevitably going to happen. Their lyrics are literal yet mysterious and sound like they are written for the familiar blinded, healing heart like “I like to write in riddles.” They don’t go full front on the album and say “we were broken-hearted so we wrote and sang about our broken hearts,” rather they put it in words and made the listeners feel their emotion while making it so freaking wonderful to jam out, despite a broken heart. The album is sad and real, split into a surf jam that strums along a sad note the whole way through. The album is one of their bests so far I’d say. It flows and resonates through us and reminds us how it feels to have that first broken heart…while being a great listen. The record was produced with Sonny Smith out in San Francisco with their record label Hardly Art. Its an amazing listen. I deem this album the ‘heartbreak’ album of my 2015 playlist.