…Except how great Shura’s debut album is!

After re-releasing 2015’s classic “Touch” with the addition of vocals by Taleb Kweli earlier this year, Shura has given us her much anticipated debut album Nothing’s Real and it did not disappoint. The 80’s pop/R&B sounds are nothing short of fantastic. Nothing’s Real recycles some songs from the White Light EP, released in 2015, with some minor updates, but the tracks are right at home with their new companions. The influences of Janet Jackson and Madonna are very apparent on tracks such as “What’s it Gonna Be?” and “Indecision.”

The album fits nicely into what some are calling the future of pop music. Alongside other acts such as Tegan and Sara, the sounds of the 80’s are being reconstructed with modern elements. The clean, immediate sonic nature of the music is engaging. The sweeping synths are a mixture of classic analog and modern, nearly cheesy sounds. The lyrical content is superb.

Aleksandra Denton may be a 25 year old from England, but her lyrics are applicable to any and all 20 something’s around the world. “Touch” has an overly familiar feel. The turmoil of wanting someone so badly and knowing that it’s too late is something everyone can relate to. The emotions running through “Touch” are so strong that there are honestly palpable. It’s no wonder that the following track, “Kidz N’ Stuff” is about the same person. The album deals with heartbreak and introspective thoughts. The album feels like a true reflection of Aleksandra herself and that is what gives this album a good feel. Shura has a strong, bright future ahead of her.