Sink with Yassou

San Francisco based band Yassou released a very ambitious video album this past month.  The third installment of the video series is “To Sink”.


the wind was a torrent of darkness
among the gusty trees
the moon was a ghostly galleon
tossed upon cloudy seas
the road was a ribbon of moonlight
over the purple moor,
and the highwayman came riding
the highwayman came riding
up to the old inn door

The words of vocalist and sometimes bassist, Lilie Bytheway-Hoy often leave you mystified and entangled into what she refers to as Daydream Propaganda.

The band began when they were teenagers in Hudson Valley, NY and has evolved immensely since they relocated to San Francisco, California a few years ago.  Their sound is often described as “haunting” and with good reason.  Once you watch the video above you will understand that better, since their music will be stuck in your head for days.