It feels like there is an app for literally everything. Wondering how you can use your smartphone to bring your band to the next level? Here are six apps that can take some of the stress and grunt work out of being in a band, leaving you with more time to focus on your music.


There cannot be an article about best band apps without Bandsintown. This app keeps track of all your performance dates (even listing them on the first page of Google search when your band is searched).

The smart match feature brings new fans to you through recommendations when they already follow similar artists and reaches 100% of your fan base by connecting through all your social media outlets. There are other apps that provide a similar function of tracking tour dates, but Bandsintown is by far the best because it is the most connected to Facebook and widely used by music fans.



This app is perfect for avoiding petty arguments over finances within a band. You can easily keep track of how much money the band has and what they are using it for in a transparent and diplomatic way.

GroupBudget lets you create as many groups and users as you please and you can also add categories within the groups. The cashflow feature tracks all of the expenses per user. There is total visibility and you can generate your own reports for each user that they can then send by email or print.

Chord Keeper

This app is helpful for rehearsals, musicians on the road or even the average disorganized instrumentalist. All your lyrics, tabs, sheet music, backing tracks, recordings and chord sheets are contained in one spot for organization, easy streamlining and accessibility.


With band members each having their own busy and unmanageable schedules, an app like Doodle is essential for being able to coordinate rehearsal times. Several times are posted and members click on the time that works for them to cast their vote. This eliminates so much of the back and forth and miscommunication when scheduling.



HootSuite is a social media manager app that allows you to multitask and post to different social platforms at the same time. There are many apps out there that provide this feature, but HootSuite has the cleanest and most user-friendly interface. There is even a free version that includes scheduling posts, a comprehensive dashboard with all your socials, real time data analytics and content sharing.

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook is an important platform for every band and artist to connect and engage with their fans. However, the standard Facebook app does not allow you to post as a page you manage or to view your page’s activity.

Facebook Pages Manager allows for this right from your phone so you can post pictures and status updates directly as they happen to your artist page without having to go back to your computer. This comes in very handy for an artist on the road with no direct computer access.

Each app on this list can help you maximize your time and channel your efforts in the most effective way. Hopefully this gets your out of your phones, computers and calendars and into the studio!

Written by Alessandra Licul