Slip Into The Haze With Elliot Moss

Elliot Moss, 21 year-old New York native, has taken a big step into the world of electronic-indie this year. Earlier this spring we caught him opening for Cold War Kids and just recently, we were able to take a second look at his work during the Eaux Claires Music Festival in Eau Claire, WI. And with each performance, Moss expelled his ability to lull you into a deep haze of electronic wonder.

Luckily for us, we were able to chat with Moss and discover some of his favorite things about touring, and being a part of such historical and influential festival.

It’s the inaugural year of the Eaux Claires Music Festival, and many artists here are local. How does it feel to be a part of the line-up?

EM: I’m absolutely honored. Justin has thrown together something really gorgeous. It’s a wonder that this is the first time; you’d never know. It feels like it’s been going on for much longer.


Being from New York, how do you feel the music scene differentiates from the mid west?

EM: Crowds seem different. They are both very cool, but they behave and react differently. For instance, there are sections of songs in New York where the audience remains focused, like the breakdown in “Faraday Cage.” Here, the crowd erupted during that bit! And it’s the other way around with some passages. It’s fascinating to see how people’s reactions differ from stage to stage.

With the differentiation in crowds, do you see playing in one region more enjoyable?

EM: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, it’s the combined experiences of all these places that make a tour fulfilling.

You’ve been touring a lot this year, how’s it been going so far? Are you enjoying it?

EM: It’s been really nice, honestly this is my favorite thing. You have no excuse not to be productive when you’ve got so much “van time” on your hands. I spend most of it working on pieces of tunes, mixing, and writing lyrics. The shows have been so much fun. I’ve gotten to see many of these cities for the first time this year (Eau Claire being one of them) and meet a lot of great people.

The last question I always ask every artist is if you could describe your music in one word, what would you say?

EM: In a way it’s cinematic, I try to make things into a movie. So I guess, I would have to say “Movie”? I would like everyone to close his or her eyes and picture a continuous movie.


I dare you all to close your eyes and listen to Moss’ latest release “Highspeeds” and catch their set on tour with Wild Child this fall. The chilled out vibes that fall so closely to fan favorite Chet Faker will not disappoint, and will keep you wishing for more.

So. What will your hazy movie look like?