Slow Magic: Our Unknown Imaginary Friend

slow_magic_djl_photographyWhile Last FM  stuck him within the genres of chillwave, electronic, glo-fi, and poptron, Slow Magic answers the genre query with a simple “no.” So who is the man behind the mask? In interviews he has done in the past, Slow Magic has never revealed personal details about himself and cordially fields reporters’ many questions on why he chooses to remain anonymous.     

In an interview with Huffington Post earlier this year Slow Magic explained, “When I started Slow Magic I wanted it to be separate from a place, face, or identity. It is interesting to be presented with just the art and experience that first.” Of course Slow Magic is not the first to don a mask and maintain a mysterious persona.  SBTRKT, DeadMau5, Lightning Bolt, Daft Punk, and others in the electronic scene also possess veiled identities.   

On tour with artists like Gold Panda and XXYYXX, Slow Magic’s music instantly connects with something visceral inside audiences.  Tribal beats and a myriad of synths and layered sounds create ethereal soundscapes that are easy to get lost in.  His latest album out last year is appropriately titled “How To Run Away” and it is like a dream for listeners to temporarily disappear into.    

His music has the ability to invoke in people childlike giddy feelings they may have lost or forgotten long ago.  A time where you felt wide-eyed, innocent, and alive, where imagination ruled your world and everything was new, exciting, and sometimes scary too.   

The feelings are addictive and contagious and those who have attended Slow Magic shows have likened them to a religious experience. After the first time seeing him live, most are converted into devout followers going to shows again and again whenever he plays anywhere near their vicinity.  

This past year Slow Magic has heavily toured the festival circuit and has been around the world and back.  He will be returning to New York this Fall to play Webster Hall on November 20th.  Which is a Friday by the way, so no excuses for holding back.