Computer technology is any endeavor-oriented activity creating, benefitting out of, or making computer-based functions. It includes all of the systematic review and experimentation of computer development and design of both software and hardware. Attempting to has scientific, technical, economic, cultural, and social size. Also it includes computer systems development just like manufacturing, information services, consumer item designing, educational, and organization applications.

Computers have developed through the years to become a significant part of liveliness. The earliest use of computers was at telecommunication and military applications but the use has grown significantly over the years along with the increasing make use of personal computers for home usage and for application-based processing. The scope of computer technology is still growing with applications ranging from video gaming to medical imaging. A lot of specific areas of computer technology involve desktop, laptop, notebook, mainframe, mainboard, embedded systems, web server systems, communications, networking, world wide web, video, sound, and traveling with a laptop. In addition to using computer systems for personal needs, computers will be widely used in several businesses, such as sales, customer service, technical support, government, banking, financial, and non-profit agencies.

Computers first commercially available were designed, sold, and installed by simply Radio Occurrence Identification (RFID) cards. These types of cards, with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, retail store data regarding the items to be sold or bought and enable the user to basically push a button to identify the product when it is sent by the consumer. First commercially available computers, known as terminals, possessed keyboards, stored applying magnetic recording, and could just be accessed with a keypad. In the year 2021, the first commercially available personal computer was created, sold, and installed simply by Jim Pfotenhauer and Charge Atkinson.