Soundwave is Facebook for Music Lovers

Soundwave is a social media app that allows users to connect their phone’s personal music library, as well as online accounts like Spotify and Pandora, to their Soundwave account and share what they’ve been listening to. The user can look up and add friends from Facebook and Twitter to find out what they’ve been listening to as well. 

The format of the app is also similar to Facebook. Users can view a feed of what their “friends” have been listening to, and are able to hear a clip of the song posted. The app also supports video playback from YouTube. A “Groups” feature allows users to form chatrooms where they can share songs privately, and create playlists together.


Launched in 2013, the app is available in 14 languages and has been downloaded by 1.4 million users in over 194 countries. As a result, the most interesting feature offered is “Music Map”, a map of the world where users can zoom in on any country or city and see what songs are popular there. A cursory search of the New York City area reveals popular choices in music to be Muse, The Prodigy, and Meek Mill. In Sydney, Australia it’s Meg Mac, Gotye, and Diplo.

While sharing the music you love is great, there is some concern about the app merging into TMI territory. We’re all guilty of the occasional Taylor Swift binge, and it’s not something our friends need to know about. There is an option in the settings to hide songs for 60 minutes, but for any real auditory privacy, it looks like users need to log out of the app completely. Not ideal, but having the option is valuable. 

Soundwave was recognized in the “Best of 2013” collection in the Apple App Store. On the Android platform, Soundwave was featured in the “Staff Picks” section of the Google Play store in 2014, where it also won Editor’s Choice.