Be honest, who introduced you to The Beatles? Was it a friend or family member? Was it a teacher or someone influential in your life? No matter who it was their sound resonated with you; poppy yet authentic, and it rang in your ears for days. Classic rock at its finest, and you couldn’t get enough.

Recently Spotify has been able to release their entire, I repeat, entire catalog. I don’t know how many times you’ve gone on Spotify or any other music player just to come out empty handed over copy rights. It hurt, and you had to find an alternative that hardly hit the need your brain was hoping for. Less than tasty tunes are a tragedy.

john-820x420The first time I knew I would love the Beatles for life was when I heard ‘Eleanor Rigby’ on a greatest hits album. Before that, I was positive they could only make poppy tunes. I am a much bigger fan of darker and more mysterious music, although ‘I want to Hold your Hand’ and ‘She Loves You’ never failed to make me smile either. But when I heard Eleanor I realized what a vast array of music they were capable of making.

Once I heard it I couldn’t search enough through all of their music. Of course that led to stumbling on albums like Revolver and The White Album. To me, I had opened up a vault of cathartic bliss, the foundation for all the modern rock and indie I already loved. I grew up listening to their pop songs, knowing there was a classic tone to their music. It’s like dusting off that old record player in your grandpa’s basement. Such a breath of relief for the modern musician to understand there was a band so far ahead of their time yet so loved they were blown off stage by the screams of their fans.

The Beatles have had a massive influence on countless artists that, before playing music, I wasn’t even aware of. For example, Elliott Smith has made it entirely obvious that he was influenced by them but put an even darker spin on and also recorded his album Figure 8 partly at Abbey Road Studios (speaking of – Abbey Road is another amazing album by them! But, you already knew that.) Another band who obviously holds them dear is Dr. Dog. From their song writing lyrically, to their bass playing style similar to Paul McCartney’s. Then again, I’m not sure there are a whole lot of artists who haven’t been inspired by The Beatles.

Us Beasts would suggest you sit down, put your head phones on, grab a stiff drink and listen through. You don’t need us to tell you what you would find.