The first thing I’m reminded of after listening to “Dancing On Glass,” St. Lucia’s new single, is The Lonely Island’s YOLO. It took the then used-to-death phrase that legitimized any and all reckless decisions and completely flipped the tone behind what “You Only Live Once” should mean. You only live once! So Stop being stupid! Be more pragmatic with your one allotted life!

    St. Lucia comes in with all of that awareness in mind, conceding that logic should win out in most situations. The mighty chorus even begins with a couple of rhetorical pro-safety questions: “how long until we find that dancing is dangerous?” and “how long until we find the devil inside of us?” Also,  Soda’s bad for you! Meat accounts for 50% of greenhouse gases! Put your seatbelts on!

    But despite knowing all the hazards, excess is simply way too fun to pass up on. So let’s just keep chugging along until the train derails, who cares. It’s an often discussed topic, especially in the world of intoxicatingly fun Synthpop, St. Lucia steers clear of the usual carousel of platitudes spun out and seems to be the only one in the club with enough foresight to at least know how shitty tomorrow is going to feel on all of their slowly decomposing bodies.

   At this point, I find it necessary for me to mention that I’m usually the person in the back of the dance floor, using my crossed arms as a makeshift coat rack for all my friends’ jackets. So for everyone else, “Dancing On Glass” probably doesn’t need to come with as much existential baggage. It’s a super fun song! You’ll love it! Who cares if you’re gonna die soon!