Streamable: Sharing is Caring

Streamable is a website that allows users to upload videos and send a link to any phone, tablet or desktop for instant streaming. Think of it like imgur for video. Users can upload content from their own computer, or paste the URL of an existing video (including those found on YouTube) to share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or by email. Using Streamable to view YouTube videos offers the additional benefit of stripping out those pre-roll ads most people install AdBlock to get rid of. For devices not compatible with the free version of AdBlock (like the iPad), it’s a great option. Users can also utilize Streamable to create and post animated GIFs, or create clips of new or existing videos.


There is no requirement to join Streamable to start uploading and sharing videos; though if you do,
you can keep track of the videos you’ve uploaded, and create and share playlists of those videos. Streamable features a minimalist design that loads quickly and again places it above YouTube for viewing videos on mobile devices. One downside of this, however, is that you would need the URL of the video you want to watch, so it may add some unwanted steps to the process.

Streamable supports over 100 different file formats, and offers a 2GB or 10-minute limit on videos. You could do a lot of damage with that kind of bandwidth. I can’t really imagine a service like Streamable being used for much legal file sharing. I guess with the technology available to middle school students these days, kids could conceivably create a film about The Plague to show in their Social Studies class without having to fiddle with a clunky VCR and a TV on wheels. Crap, I’m dating myself.