Sun Club Explodes at Palisades

The fact that it was a Monday night wasn’t going to stop a crowd from raging for Sun Club after a long day at work. This show was much anticipated since their last show at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar where they shred down the house with Reptar. Sun Club announced their debut album The Dongo Durango and released new music along with the music video for “Tropicoller Lease” the morning of the show, keeping me excited throughout the day.

Even though their van caught on fire earlier in the day, they managed to make it to Palisades and bring their infectious vibes to Brooklyn. Seeing them set up all kinds of gadgets and gizmos including a green iron board as a keyboard stand, I could tell that they were one of a kind. Once they started playing, their energy shot from 0 to 100 instantly- and it was contagious as hell. Girls were mesmerized by their charisma and long, luscious locks that were dramatically flying like the flames that covered their van. You could tell that they put all their energy in their grand opening because Mikey had snapped one of his guitar strings only a few minutes into their set.


As soon as “Summer Feet” started playing, I was immediately reminded of the Chevvy commercial. Standing right next to the speakers, I didn’t mind the deafening volume of the music. There’s something about this song that makes everyone want to groove and have a good time. Even though the stage was a pretty tight space for all five guys, that didn’t stop them from bouncing off the walls, jumping around everytime they hit a note. “Tropicoller Lease” brought some beachy vibes to the room, perfectly appropriate for this summer weather. I love how bipolar this song is, constantly changing from slow to fast paced giving me highs and lows in such a short time. Their energetic set was like a line of grenades continuously exploding, getting more and more wild. Their tunes are undeniably contagious and leave you feeling good after dancing on your feet for so long.