Sunflower Bean Blending Flavors

If you’re looking for a soundtrack to accompany your drugged out road trip through the desert, then I have the perfect band for you.

SunFlower Bean

Sunflower Bean‘s latest release Show Me Your Seven Secrets hit all the psychedelic buttons you’ve been missing since the 60’s, and some others besides. Incorporating elements of punk, grunge, and even jam music, New York’s Sunflower Bean is putting a new spin on the spaced out rock of old. They flash more grit than other current psychedelia-charged groups like Tame Impala, and their songs carry a feel closer to the raucous bands of past decades than the tight indie-electronic groups so popular today.

The band invites this comparison with a track and video off the new EP called “Tame Impala.” The song kicks off with a low fuzzy riff before bassist Julia Cumming comes in with a squealing cry. The song settles with groove and guitarist Nick Kivlen comes in with a countering spacey melody. The song flips to a halftime feel with Black Sabbath-esque undertones. Shots of the pair rocking out with drummer Jacob Faber in front of a wall of blacklight posters proves that they hold true to their psych roots.

With a new spin on psychedelic that brings more attitude, Sunflower Bean has its niche nicely carved out.