Rony’s Insomnia is the female fronted and hybridized alternative rock project of local New Yorker and native Israeli Rony Corcos and company. Rony’s Insomnia, who will take to stage at 11:30 a.m. this Friday at the Beasts’ SXSW showcase in Austin, is a powerful symbol of feminine might and creative expression. With their cerebral blend of modern technology, intelligently employed effects, and traditional jazz-rock core, Rony’s insomnia creates a wall of sound that is sure to please both the punk-alternative enthusiast and the more refined musical tastes.

Rony’s knowledgeable production background is evident in their highly sophisticated set, while her Mediterranean Middle-Eastern roots can be heard in an almost ancient background whisper. Be prepared for lots of pedals and an impressive display of female vocals. The talented display can be heard on 2014’s well received Count to Ten EP.

With a new and improved line-up featuring Ben Fitterman on Bass and Colin Taylor on drums, Rony’s Insomnia is set to make their unique presence felt at this years Southby celebration. If you can’t make it down this year, be sure to see them at their upcoming New York dates, or catch them on the road this spring.