When you think of a city that produces fresh musical talent, how long would it take you to think of Rincón, Puerto Rico?

A long time, right? Maybe never.

It’s entirely possible that before reading this, you were unaware that a city called Rincón even existed on the northwestern tip of a tiny island nestled snugly between the Dominican Republic and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Well exist it does. But then, why should you care?

It so happens that this isolated little surf town in the middle of the Caribbean Sea has produced a band of surprising novelty and popular appeal, one that has been making a splash far, far from home all the way up in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Disfunction is a band that you love to love, because they play music for what we like to call the “right reasons.” Theirs is the classic story of a group of childhood friends coming together to play music, just for the fun of it. Isn’t that what music is supposed to be about in the first place?

Is there anything more authentic, more real?

Ok, yes, that opinion may sound a little trite.

But in today’s world of manufactured pop-stars, lone-wolf basement producers, and melodramatic indie acts, wouldn’t it be nice to just listen to a band have fun every once in a while?

disfunctionThe Disfunction is a band that sound like they’re having fun.

Their music is as laid back as the beach scene they came from (and still often play to; they split their time between New York and Puerto Rico, playing shows to a very proud home crowd).

Think of them as a less frenetic Libertines, but with a killer keyboardist and drum pads. Like British Punk without the politics, or like American Indie Electronica without being so over-the-top dreamy.

The Disfunction plays the sort music you’d like to hear as the sun goes down, right as the tiki torches are being lit and another lazy day somehow transforms into the electric atmosphere of the night time party scene.

Expect more good things.

They are currently at work on their new studio album, titled 1,2,3…Testing, while simultaneously touring back home in Puerto Rico. 

And if past efforts are any indication of future progress, you can expect an upbeat album replete with richly layered synth and bass, and topped with smart, punky vocals.

It’s fun, but not frivolous. Carefree without being careless.

It’s music that glorifies all the good in life while silently acknowledging all the bad that hides in the darkness.

The Disfunction will be on display Friday, March 18th at this year’s SXSW at Darwin’s Pub, presented by yours truly, ATYPICALSOUNDS.