With the electronic-production prowess of Baths (think Obsidian) and the R&B influence of honest, soulful, hip-hop powerhouses like Drake and Frank Ocean, Lontalius is dismantling classic songwriting structure while retaining its best elements. In his latest release “All I Wanna Say,” he is able to somehow recreate every nostalgic, first-love feeling you have ever felt with less than 25 words.

Lontalius plays with harmonic structures by placing his elegant melodies against unexpected chords in “All I Wanna Say”. The song is able to build in tension and complexity as it reaches its apex. The two main themes in the piece are layered over one another in an ultimate, sweet, 8o8 fueled, crescendo. The listener cannot be sure if they are meant to cry from the beautiful lyrics or dance to the infectious grooves.

The development of the song is its most unique aspect. There is no traditional chorus and the entire song is hook based, it creates a structure of its own (something along the lines of intro -> hook -> more hook -> hook developed -> interlude -> bridge -> hook layered on top of intro -> HOOK/INTRO -> ending).

While he only has two tracks officially released, one needs to just go to his personal SoundCloud page to experience his originals. Lontalius (Eddie Johnston, hailing from Wellington, New Zealand). The songs feature more trademark harmonic beauty and poignant lyrical sentiment, similar to Perfume Genius but with more of a substantial groove underneath.

Hopefully you were able to catch one of Lontalius’ recent CMJ shows, if not us Americans will have to just be content with his awesome new video!

Written by Alessandra Licul