Alexi Murdoch is hauntingly beautiful. His voice is rich and soulful, his songs compelling and emotionally complex. Picture an early winter morning with hot tea and a blanket. Or maybe a warm fire in the middle of the night, comforting yet dangerous. Evocative, poignant, spiritually enlightening. Like running through a field in a thunderstorm. Turning on the lights after a sock hop. Eating a whole mouthful of Skittles all at once because why not, it’s Halloween. Sometimes a light turns on inside you and can’t help but respond. Alexi Murdoch knows that feeling and can put it to music. Just try not to burst out crying when you hear it.

I first heard Murdoch in Away We Go, Sam Mendes’ excellent 2009 comedy/drama (and I didn’t cry, I swear.) As John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph scour North America for a place to call home, Murdoch’s soulful voice becomes a third protagonist, articulating the difficult emotions surrounding the film. Almost all of the soundtrack comes from his debut album Time Without Consequence, and almost all of the soundtrack could bring you and your entire family to tears. Just listen to “All My Days,” featured here in this trailer and also in the climax of the movie. Try not to cry I dare you (or just wait til you shower–then it’s like it never happened!)

Really makes you think, doesn’t it? What does it all mean? Why does anyone do anything? Are we all just dust in the wind? Ships in the night? Ducks in a row? What if I’m just a drop in the bucket? A bump on a log? A line in the sand? A lonely sailboat lost at sea with only my stars and sextant to guide me? My cargo bucks and shimmies in my cabin as my sails flap and tatter about my delicate mast. A single candle in the captain’s quarters illuminates my treasurous booty. I am the captain on the ship of my life, and Alexi Murdoch is my soul compass. His first directive? A good solid cry. Goddammit, Alexi you read my mind.

Now that we got that out of the way, I’m sure you’re wondering what we’re all wondering: where is he now? How can I get some more of that good good stuff? Everybody’s looking for a good cry nowadays, where’s Alexi when you need him? Well I got sour news for you, buster: no new music since 2011. Guess you gotta dust off the old time machine and cry your way back 5 years or so. Apparently he plays a show now and then, but his Twitter and Instagram don’t give much away in that regard. Your best hope is to be at the right place at the right time. Sounds a lot like life, amirite? Think about that as you listen to this: