Foxing is a band. Someday Foxing won’t be a band.”

That’s how they describe themselves and while nothing is supposed to last forever, Foxing’s new sophomore album argues that they just might.

The St. Louis quintet recently released Dealer, a follow up to one of 2013’s best albums, The Albatross. Foxing could have taken the safe route and continued in The Albatross’ footsteps but instead took a darker, more experimental journey into the void and in doing so created one of (if not the) best albums of 2015.

The opening track “Weave” has a gentle, textured feel. It’s a gorgeous song that symbolically puts The Albatross to sleep. Foxing’s take on topics including sex and religion in “The Magdalene,” a track to which vocalist Conor Murphy attributes guilt over losing his virginity to his Catholic upbringing.

“Winding Cloth” is an instrumental track that is so beautifully made it will, without a doubt, bring tears to your eyes. Its placement in the middle of the album is smart. It’s the kind of song that completely makes you forget your surroundings and just listen.

Dealer ends with “Three On a Match.” The song gets its title from an old war superstition – if three soldiers shared a match, one of those soldiers would die. The song is ethereal and piano based. Its lyrics are heavy – weighed down by more guilt and fear of God.

Foxing is just finishing up a tour with The World Is A Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid To Die, and I was lucky enough to see them in Philadelphia. Everyone in the crowd was affected by the band’s cosmic pull. I’m not ardent about much, but if you haven’t listened to Foxing I highly suggest you do yourself the favor.