EP release

Fevers – Better Outside Of Their Own Genre?
June 24, 2015 2:32 pm

Ottawa-based quintet Fevers have experimented in and around the genre of electro-pop. With a second album in the making, what kind of sound can we expect next?

When Fevers‘ first album No Room For Light was released back in 2013, their song “Dance Cry Dance” became a popular target for remixes. The popularity of the song has since spawned a music video as well as an eponymous remix EP. It is perhaps no surprise that one of the most favored tracks of the album is most similar in style to the title track of their first EP, “Passion is Dead”, of which the music video won the first prize at Ottawa Film Festival in 2012.

“Passion Is Dead” and “Dance Cry Dance” are both fully electronic tracks. They have a dark quality to them, yet they’re jaunty and easy to dance to, however could also be a bit rough around the edges. The layers upon layers of droning electronic sounds seem to accumulate into a general white noise that drowns out almost everything else. These songs aren’t very characteristic of the band’s style, however. A quick glance into Fevers‘ body of work shows that they are capable of much more. No Room For Light features a number of subtler electronic tracks, most notably the song “Monuments”, which is a clear testament of their ability to be more economical in how they build up their soundscapes.


Of all the tracks on Fevers‘ original EP, “Sort It Out” stands out the most. It unexpectedly abandons the band’s signature electro-pop, and instead flirts with a post-rock sound somewhat reminiscent of Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky. It is a great song, and it is good to see how this style prevails to a certain extent in their EP, which ends in a similar dramatic fashion in “The Veil”.

Electronic tracks like “Monuments” and post-rock tracks like “The Veil” are the two ends of the spectrum. No Room For Light explores many paths in between, and it is in this combination of the two genres that the band really finds its feet. Songs such as “Autumn’s Dead” or “Goodnight” use instruments as their foundations, making the electronics feel more like the icing on the cake. Like in post-rock there is a grand and dramatic quality to the songs, yet they have a unique ring to them which makes it hard to pin down which genre Fevers actually belongs in.


Fevers clearly take inspiration from various places, and some of their endeavors have been more successful than others. Personally, I feel that they are at their best when they transcend the boundaries of electro-pop. In any case, after seeing how well they perfected their sound from their first EP to their first album, I am confident to say I’m excited to see what they have in store for us in their second full length release.

Motel Pools Just Perfected “Grunk”
June 18, 2015 2:27 pm

Grunk: Grunge, Indie, Punk, Rock. It’s a thing, and so are Motel Pools, who just released their first self titled EP on June 2nd. The album, stemming from the brainpower of California native Chiara Angelicola (also known from Bird Call), was produced with the help of TV on the Radio’s own Kyp Malone, and the influences do not fall unseen. The eclectic mix ranges from the Human Cannonball cover (originally sung by grunge band Butthole Surfer), to the synthesized pop-punk melodies of “Lemme Walk Your Dog”. Each their own tune, they still fall under the direct characterization of Motel Pools’ take on “Grunk”.

Having a chance to speak with Motel Pools’ own, Chiara Angelicola, it was fascinating to catch some of the band’s favorite parts of the release. Angelicola explains the great experience of working with dear friend Kyp Malone throughout the production process; she quotes his “humble and imaginative” character as a huge support in the creation. It also helped that the members of Motel Pools have an excellent friendship, branching back to their meeting in Brooklyn back in 2009. The production process itself remains one of Angelicola’s favorite parts of her artist life. She explains that “the nature and creativity of the process and the steps before any production even happens” is the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the experience in creating any new record or EP. She looks forward to spending the summer busy working on new material (and so do we).

Taking a look at the tracks themselves, the majority are driven by the head banging drums, rock inspired guitar chords and muddled punk vocals. The talent shines through with the complexity and differentiation of each track leaving us wanting more. Angelicola fills us in on her favorite track, “Lemme Walk Your Dog” featuring vocals from Ryan of Man Man. She tells us, “The structure of the song itself is what I’m most used to, but I can take this less seriously than with other projects and add the more playful feel.” Other stand out songs from the EP are Monster Girlfriend and Human Cannonball, both embracing the grunge punk qualities we love most. And if it were 1995, we would find each and every track featured in the most epic punk rock film of the 90’s, Empire Records.

Check out this new EP, and get ready for their west coast tour this summer with NY native band, Vows. And in character of Motel Pools themselves, happy listening weirdos.