No Socks for Priory at Governor’s Ball
June 17, 2015 2:48 pm

First day of Governor’s Ball 2015, I started my day with electro-pop band Priory. You might know them from their hit songs “The Weekend” or “Put Em Up,” the perfect summer tunes that keep you on that weekend flow. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here:

They were probably the best band to kick off Friday by getting everyone in the mood for ‘The Weekend.’ Despite the rain, Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears didn’t fail to energize the crowd.

I had a chance to ask Brandon a few questions about the band:

I heard you guys were pursuing different careers. How did you end up forming a band?

Kyle was working with special needs kids at a nonprofit and I had a business as a Farrier shoeing horses in the Northwest. We got together, started writing music in my basement and within a couple weeks we had the foundation and turned out to be a first record. We toured on that record for a couple years before deciding and that we were not completely happy with the sound we had made. We had been growing a lot on the road and decided that we needed to lock ourselves away and really work hard on an album if we were ever going to do this for real. We quit our day jobs, built a recording studio in an old cement building in Portland and wrote the record, Need to Know.

I think a lot of people know you from the song The Weekend. Do you think that song summarizes your sound? Is it your favorite song?

We wrote that song really fast. I don’t think it encapsulates us, or our sound, by any means. I do like that I was able to reference the dictatorship of the proletariat and still get it played on top 40 radio.

What were you inspired by when you guys wrote The Weekend?

The song is about being frustrated in life and acting out. It’s more or less a working-class anthem.

You guys used to be with an Independent label, and now you’re with Warner Brother’s. What’s changed? 

We have a really good relationship with our major right now. It’s great having fun and people that actually care about your music. Couldn’t imagine a better situation.

Have you guys attended music festivals in the past as an audience? What’s your favorite part about festivals?

I like the festivals like Bonnaroo. You get to camp, you go hard, stay up with your buddies until the wee hours of the morning and then wake up and do again.

Favorite drink to bring onstage?

Big Ben IPA, but any libation will do.

I heard you guys are big on fashion. Is there a particular way you like to dress onstage? 

Yeah we like clothes. I don’t know yet what we will wear at Govball, I kind of packed light this go-round. Definitely no socks though.

Stay tuned for their new video for ‘Put Em Up’ that should be coming out VERY SOON!


A Few Things You Missed at Governor’s Ball Day 3
June 16, 2015 5:40 pm

Last year was the first time I’ve been to Governor’s Ball Music Festival and I had the time of my life, so this year my expectations were pretty high. I’ve been looking forward to this big day for months since I purchased my ticket in February, and it’s finally come. It’s a time where we get to watch our favorite musicians perform live, rage with our friends, eat amazing food, and exhaust ourselves from dancing way too hard.


The weather this year wasn’t as great with some rain here and there during the first two days, but luckily the weather was on our side on Sunday. The last day of the festival had finally come and I was heartbroken that the past two days had already flown by so quickly. Despite the fact that I was exhausted from the first two days running around and constantly being on my feet, I wasn’t quite ready for this day to end.


I started the day with Streets of Laredo, a Brooklyn based indie folk band at the big GovBallNYC stage. They have a clear cut acoustic sound that’s perfect during the daytime when people are laying out on the grass.

I went over to the other side of the park afterwards to catch Australian band DMA’s rocking out at the Big Apple Stage. I fell in love with them after listening to ‘Laced,’ which had somewhat of a nostalgic sound that reminded me of Green Day or Oasis.



Echosmith was right after DMA’s so I ran back to the main stage. During their set, they invited two lucky fans to get up on stage and “dance like they’re in love.” ’Cool Kids’ was my ultimate summer jam last year, so I didn’t want to miss out on them. The lead singer Jamie said some pretty inspirational quotes during that song about how we should accept ourselves for who we are and who we aren’t. You go girl!

The band I’ve been looking forward to most was Tame Impala, so I decided to wait 45 minutes before their set to get a good spot for the show. Their music was very soothing with the help of some trippy graphics going on in the back. You could tell that a lot of people were pretty ‘baked’ and having a good time dancing to their vibrating tunes.



There’s something about Big Gigantic that just makes you want to get up and dance, even if your feet are dying from all the walking. The sounds of the trumpet and saxophone kept me going, and got me excited when fire emerged out of the stage!

Hot Chip knows how to keep the crowd going, because everybody…I mean, EVERYBODY was raising their hands and dancing the night away.



dont worry beyonce

By the time Lana Del Rey and The Black Keys started playing, I was pretty exhausted and the post-concert-blues were slowly creeping up on me. Being a fan of both artists, I went back and forth to check both of them out. Even though I was physically drained, my friends and I powered through until the end of the festival. Thank you Governor’s Ball for yet another successful year – the Beasts hope to see you again next year!

Governor’s Ball Is Whatever You Want It To Be
June 15, 2015 2:20 pm

Last weekend’s Governor’s Ball music festival was fantastic. Everyone expects amazing music and exotic, quirky foods, but something very unique to this event is the attitude and the ambiance that can only be found on Randall’s Island. Governor’s Ball is admittedly not Coachella, the fashion week of music festivals, or EZOO the strange, beaded, bedazzled, acid trip of music festivals,  but it does have a distinct look of its very own, and that look is- whatever the hell you want it to be.


While there was undeniably an abundance of flower crowns (myself included), FLASH tattoos and glittery accessories, we also saw sturdy workman boots, beautiful summery gauze dresses and every different look imaginable from the street savvy festival goers, to the artists themselves. You do not have to be a California hippie waif or a zonked out, neon pink, molly-popping tween. You can be either, or both, or anything in between.



Florence Welch looked like a 70s flower child while Liz Nistico from HOLYCHILD was wearing an all white ensemble with bright and electric Sephora-esque eyeshadow and lipstick. The ladies of Clean Bandit wore black and white leotards with beautiful cascading skirts, Charli XCX channeled her inner animal (100% zebra print), Marina Diamandis wore a bright purple latex body suit, and Bjork was dressed like a butterfly. No one cared that there was a guy walking around all day with a 50ft flag that said “MORE BASS”, drunkenly waiting for DEAMAU5, the exact same way nobody cared that every sad girl in the tri-state area put on their best pout and flower crown for Lana Del Rey.




This spirit was expressed in the lineup as well. Each headliner championed a different genre- hip-hop, electronic, pop and even old man country rock (I’m looking at you Ryan Adams). I personally have never experienced a better or more diverse crowd at another festival. The east coast’s answer to Coachella is not as large or as acclaimed, but maybe those factors work to its benefit. Where the expectations are not so rigid or expected and the lineup is so diverse and inclusive, every niche is welcome and every freak flag is flown. Governor’s Ball is easily the highlight of the NYC summer experience, and I cannot wait to see what it has in store next year.SONY DSC

Governor’s Ball Food Highlights
1:28 pm

You probably got a ticket to Governer’s Ball this year to kick off your summer by dancing to some good live music, have an excuse to wear flower crowns, and make long lasting memories with your friends. All of us probably did.

But let’s face it – the food lineup was pretty fucking epic this year. Governor’s Ball stepped up their food game by enlisting The Infatuation (one of the biggest food blogs out there) to help them curate a great food lineup! It’s been a week since the festival, and I needed that time to digest before filling you guys in on the amazing meals offered.

As a passionate foodie who has the need to instagram all her food, I was excited to hear this and couldn’t wait to #GovBallEEEEEATS all my instagram food porn. Here are some highlights I picked out according to what I ate, what my friends ate, and what I saw fellow govball-ers eat!

Fois Gras Doughnut from Do or Dine


Now this is one hell of a fancy doughnut. I was a little hesitant at first since it was probably one of the most expensive food items at the festival. I ended up paying $15 for this treat, and it was well worth it.

Coconut Water from Co Co & Co

This coconut stand attracted a lot of hipsters, including myself who opted for coconut water as my own thirst quencher!

The Nugget Spot


Finger foods are necessary at festivals when you want to grab something on the go, and eat while you watch your favorite bands play. These crispy chicken nuggets were necessary.

Ice Cream Sandwich from Davey’s Ice Cream

ice cream

It’s hot, the sun’s out, and all I wanted was a creamy, cold ice cream. I went with the speculoos ice cream sandwiched in between two massive chocolate chip cookies.

Pizza Nova


You can never go wrong with a slice of good cheese pizza.

Grilled Cheese from Morris Truck


We’re in America where everybody loves grilled cheese. Perfectly toasted crispy bread with some Cheese porn action….need I say more?

Sriracha Chicken Wings from Khe-yo

fried chicken

The BEST chicken wings I’ve had in a while. If I could lather myself in that sriracha sauce, I would. I mean, just look at that chicken glisten!

Peach and Tomato Salad from Mayhem and Stout


Festivals typically don’t have healthy options, but this salad fulfilled my healthy cravings. This cold salad was perfect to munch on while tanning in the sun.

Ramen Burger


Last but not least, hands up to the ramen burger! Probably the most popular food at the festival that no one could resist, even if you had to wait 30 minutes for it.