For the second time ever Bushwick kicked off what is becoming one of Brooklyn premier culinary events. The festival took place at Frank Brunckhorst Boar’s Head distribution plant off the Morgan Avenue L train. All proceeds for the event were donated to the Bushwick Starr Theatre, a non-profit cultural and performance space at 207 Starr St.

A number of Brooklyn’s best eateries were preparing as the public flocked to the event, ready to devour the wide array of gourmet dishes, drinks, and desserts. Over 30 different food and drink vendors were displayed under one mouthwatering tent. The Shop Brooklyn, Tchoup Shop, Fritzl’s Lunch Box, Mominette Bistro, Faro, and Northeast Kingdom were just some of the many restaurants, bars, and bakeries that were in attendance.

Bushwick Food

I had never attended a culinary event of this capacity and was extremely eager when I purchased a ticket for myself and my brother. That purchase would turn out to be a fine investment as the food and drink consumed would far out weigh the price of admission. I was so anxious to attend the event that I showed up before it even began. Once it started I wasted no time in quickly moving from table to table, tasting some of Bushwick’s finest food display. Among the many delicious things I consumed were Oysters, Duck Confit, Carrot Soup, Barbecued Lamb Belly, Chicken Tortillas, Smoked Pork Shoulder and many more delicious delicacies.



If the food wasn’t enough to knock me and my brother off our feet, the unique and tasty cocktails inevitably made up for it. Between the two of us it might be fair to say that a gallon of alcohol might have been consumed. Of the drinks I remember enjoying was a creative concoction of a whiskey shot that was to be immediately chased down with a shot of “Switchel,” which is a blend of apple cider, ginger juice and maple syrup. Before I knew it, one shot combo turned into four shot combos. To my knowledge this strange combination was mind blowing, but then again who am I to judge as my delicate pallet was disrupted by the myriad of flavors that had entered my mouth.

Having engulfed a large amount of food and drink, my brother and I left stumbling back to my apartment were we would both be put to pasture. We had originally planned to attend the after party at The Pine Box Rock Shop, which featured comedian Daniel Korean and the band Imaginary Tricks. While I missed out on the after party, the goal for next year will be to attend, although I can’t say I have any regrets. The Annual Taste of Bushwick is a food spectacle that should be witnessed by all who have a passion for the culinary arts. Don’t be the one to miss out on The 3rd Annual Taste of Bushwick!

taste of bushwick

taste of bushwick


taste of bushwick