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July 18, 2016 12:12 pm

Have you ever watched a horror movie and began yelling at the screen, trying your darndest to get the character to avoid a certain hallway or a creepy door? Splendy Interactive has created a new wonderful blend of scary cinema and visceral video games to deal with obvious dumb decisions in movies.

The Bunker is a fully live action video game. No animated characters, no fantastic super powers, this is a game about a man that was born and now lives alone in a nuclear bunker. This is a click and choose game where you tell the main character, John, where to go. Adam Brown, from the Hobbit Trilogy, plays Adam and the cast is more impressive than expected, it looks like a genuine, high-end horror movie.

Splendy Interactive has also created one of the scariest app games called The Hunting, a zombie survival game that can really give a person a good scare if they are even slightly immersed into it. They are finishing up everything with The Bunker now, getting ready for its launch later this year and working on an interactive mystery, horror, movie/video game hybrid called Camera 6 which is slated to arrive next year in March.

The Bunker was filmed in an abandoned nuclear bunker which gives it that perfect true environment, sucking its player into the world. The game, on a technical level, is crazy good with countless hours of filming to achieve the feeling of being in total, fluid control of the main character. I couldn’t imagine the difficulty in writing this story or filming it; a truly outstanding feat.

The concept and execution of what I’ve seen so far is astounding. It’s enthralling while never becoming annoying or gimmicky. This blend of game and film has been tried many times before, but with releases like Her Story and The Bunker coming soon, live action games are more respectable and are offering better experiences for the players.

Will it be a lame horror movie? Will it be an excellent game? Will it be so scary and disconcerting that you can’t make any decisions and choose the dumb things all horror genre character do anyways? Either way, Splendy gets major kudos for being wonderfully creative and making games literally come to life.

June 5, 2015 4:07 pm

Imagine being able to morph any song in your library to play at the speed you’re going; moving together, synced as one. Imagine no more! Weav Music is here for you.

Weav Music is a new interactive music mixing platform developed by Cute Little Apps and created by Elomida Visviki and Lars Rasmussen (previous co-creator of Google Maps, Google Wave, and Facebook’s ex director of engineering).

As the listener, you can adjust the tempo of a song without warping the track through Weav. How is this done? Musicians who use Weav have to record different parts of their songs at different speeds. Like that, anyone can change the BPM of the song while Weav automatically blends the sounds together with a smooth transition, dismissing the possibility of a botched playlist.

Weav will also be able to respond to your heartbeat and adjust your music speed to your activities. The more active or hyped up you seem to be, the more Weave will speed up the BPM of the song to try and match your energy. The company is interested in receiving feedback from the artists and are hoping this new technology “can help fund the production of music”.

Weav is still in beta so there isn’t a set date for its release, but it’s expected to be available in “a few weeks”. A few tracks have already been recorded by several artists to demonstrate how it works. They’re also taking requests from any other musicians who want to participate in the beta after signing up.

WEAV Music

Rasmussen stated, “We believe that as our lives become increasingly digital, and as our increasingly powerful mobile devices play greater and greater roles in our lives, having a song that can change and adapt — in real time — to what you are doing will become increasingly important. And delightful. This is why we built Weav. “We couldn’t agree more with you, Lars, and we’re thrilled to see how this new technology will change the game of interactive apps in this fast-paced, ever-changing digital era we’re living in.

Written by Lupe Ramirez