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January 13, 2016 3:47 pm

New Yorkers, feast your ears on the new kids (excuse me, men) on the block. They’re called the Afternoon Men, and they rock. They rock with a sound that is equal parts nostalgia and freshness. Their music bounces seamlessly between genres, touching on influences from Springsteen, The Hold Steady, Counting Crows, The Decemberists, Titus Andronicus, and more.

The five-piece stepped on the scene back in October of last year, releasing their first single, “Parking Lots and Basements.” The music is catchy, with that oh-so-pleasurable balance of 90s Alt-rock, 00s Pop-punk, and contemporary Indie-rock. The lyrics are painstakingly truthful, as the singer navigates the trials and tribulations of trying to land himself a lady as a broke musician in the country’s most expensive city. The song’s overall force is only magnified by the clever lyric video accompanying it.

The men have released a couple more tracks on their Soundcloud page. While these tracks feature a more toned-down sound and oblique lyrical message, the narrative established in “Parking Lots” continues throughout. The result is an overall cohesiveness to their catalog that serves as a refreshing deviation from today’s pop music landscape dominated by one-off singles.

Having already caught the attention of Deli Magazine and sold out the main stage at Pianos, Afternoon Men are gearing up for an exciting 2016. The men are set to release their fourth single with yet another lyric video, “The Books in Her Closet” in the upcoming weeks. They’re also gearing up to headline The Bowery Electric on January 22nd. You can get tickets here!

Sure, this band is new and they’ve got a lot to prove in a city riddled with fellow newcomers. But if what they’ve released so far is any indication, they’re certainly worth checking out live and keeping on your radar.

October 30, 2015 4:25 pm

Nathan Williams has had quite the year. Between releasing “No Life For Me” and publicly feuding with his label, Williams somehow found time to bring us a new album in V.

wavves4V sacrifices none of the visceral, honest, SoCal influenced punk we have come to love Williams for on Life Sux and Afraid of Heights. If anything, it shows that Williams is now pandering to his strengths more than before. His hooks are tight while the drunkenly bright and hap-hazard vibe of his music is intentionally paired with lyrics about Williams’ struggle in life and love, and his grapple with the way things have apparently gotten worse since his 2011 Life Sux release.

Williams’ brand of pop punk blends hopeless nihilism with the 21st century struggle of “trying to have fun.” In the album’s opener “My Head Hurts”, Williams isn’t shy about shooting things deeply into his veins. From strictly a melodic standpoint, the song is bubbly, dancey and a gem of pop/surf/rock/punk. However, Williams asserts a lyrical dichotomy with lines like “I don’t exist” and “you’re killing me I hope you know,” and the songs main refrain “my head hurts/without you it’s worse”.

The same dichotomy is expressed on the track “Pony.” Aside from Williams obvious surf punk musical proclivity, he emulates the blind bravado and facade of confidence that is a trademark of 20 something year olds in America. His opening lyrics of “stupid and pretty self assured” and “hard to express, depressed and bored” are highly relatable sentiments. Williams taps into the snake person feelings of insecurity and isolation with his lyrics and your adolescent attempts to drown these feelings out with substance abuse are captured in his party fueled melodies. The lyric “open wide and insecure” reveals a generational awareness that makes V more substantial than Blink 182 for example, the pop punkers from a decade ago who drone on about nothing but their high school relationships.

The album art itself is representative of the futility that Williams feels, using the color scheme and common symbols on tarot cards, where something as simple as a fallen cup can represent how you are doomed for life. However, like someone who has received a grim tarot reading, Wavves knows he is doomed and chooses to ignore it. Perhaps he is even sending a message to have the fun you seek while you still can- regardless of the headaches, mental instability and insecurities. This album can only be described as throwing a party for the end of the world. Williams has confidence in his lack of confidence, and the results shine through on V.

Written by Alessandra Licul 

October 19, 2015 8:58 am

Opening to a packed house at Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA was the band As It Is.  They are a five member Pop Punk/Alternative Rock group from the UK and they got everyone revved up.

Second to the stage was the duo This Wild Life from Long Beach, CA. Kevin Jordan absolutely killed it with those vocals. Their music has a pop-rock acoustic feel to it. They were on Warped Tour this past summer, so they know what they’re doing.

The third band up was Real Friends from Chicago.  Their music is an eclectic mix of Rock, Pop Punk and Emo. Their song “Better With You” is a beautiful love song. They kept the crowd moving, dancing, crowd surfing and singing along to all their songs.

By the time MAYDAY PARADE took the stage, the floor and the balcony were packed solid with screams filling the air. The band consists of vocalist Derek Sanders, guitarists Brooks Betts and Alex Garcia, bassist Jeremy Lenzo and drummer Jake Bundrick.  They are from Tallahassee, Florida. Smoke filled the stage as the rock/alternative band emerged while the crowd chanted MAYDAY.  The audience was holding up their phones and they were moving their heads along with the strong beats. This was the second night of their tour. They have been a band for ten years and just put out their fifth album.  The second song “Jamie All Over” got the crowd jumping all over the place and singing along. The stage lighting added to an already incredible performance. If you get a chance to see them on their current tour I would definitely recommend it.


Photos by @camiliberty

Potty Mouth Beasts It Out
September 29, 2015 11:01 am


So I was walking through some weird Williamsburg streets Thursday night. It’s a pretty deserted area and there weren’t any signs of a music venue anywhere… or any sign of life as a matter of fact. As the blue dot on my google map approached the alleged destination, I hear some rock ‘n roll music echoing from a warehouse. I see a group of young girls making their way into a random door off the sidewalk attached to the warehouse. If it weren’t for those girls unabashedly loitering in the middle of no where and walking into the door to Randomland, it would have been impossible to find this venue, but I instantly fell in love with the ‘speakeasy’ vibe they had.
Pop punk band Potty Mouth owned the stage like they were regulars. They seamlessly made their way on stage and it made me nostalgic seeing them in their hip 90’s fashion. Each of them had a unique style but had a certain look to the band that no other band could imitate. Just like their look, their old-school punk rock tunes vibrated throughout room. It was kind of weird being in a room where people stood normally while listening to some fast-paced and aggressive guitar tunes, instead of creating a circle pit which is usually what I’d see at a concert like this. Nevertheless, these girls knew how to hype up crowd and showed their thrue bad-assery.

This is a band you DO NOT want to miss! A true homage to beasting it out on any stage.