Post Election Playlist
November 16, 2016 1:43 pm


It’s been exactly one week since the outcome of one of the craziest elections America has ever witnessed.

The beasts have lovingly curated this playlist to help get us through all of the intense emotions – from shock and disbelief to sadness and anger – we’re going through.

Though we live in troubled times, we are all in this together. Let this playlist help us to remember not only that, but that we should never stop fighting hate with love.

P.S. Trump. Look behind you. We’re not going anywhere.

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February 11, 2016 11:57 am

Since festivals became a thing, there has been a lack of female presence. Recently, I read an article pointing out that there is a major lack in female headliners at a vast majority of festivals. I looked into a few line ups over the years because I’m generally not a huge festival goer…and it’s true. Most if not all of the female headliners are found somewhere in the middle to bottom of the line up list for most major festivals. You know, the fine print. What gives?

Coachella is the president of this club. They have had the same female artist headline two different years and that was the extent of their feminine influence. It’s a tough time to be a musically talented female. It’s harder to get people to take you seriously as an artist when they gawk at you for getting up on stage and having something to say. Music has seemingly always been a male dominated business and this trend proves that it is not the easiest to overcome.

There have always been a plethora of talented stars that are waiting to show their stuff in the limelight of festivals, people like Tegan and Sara, Florence and the Machine, Sia and Lana Del Ray to name a few.  If we want to talk reunion headliners, a Coachella favorite, lets get Alanis Morisette or Fiona Apple up there again. Last year Drake headlined one of the days… you’re telling me Rihanna or MIA couldn’t have drawn as much as he did? Come on.


This massive hierarchy of the music industry is loud and clear. Women are not given the slot or the credit they deserve and it seems that the ones who are only afforded it because the music industry doesn’t want a push back for being unfair. I think it’s time for things like that to change. It is time for me as a female artist to be able to stand up and genuinely believe that someday I could headline a festival if I have the talent and put all the work into it. Much like any paying job, women are under appreciated and it seems, no matter how high they soar, there is always that glass ceiling.

“If Lily Allen hadn’t stepped up at the last minute to fill in for Two Door Cinema Club’s Friday night headline slot at Latitude in July, there would have been no woman headlining a major music festival this summer.

In fact, without Paramore, the American punk rock band fronted by the flame-haired Haley Williams and Arcade Fire, which featured two women in its Glastonbury line-up, there would be no women gracing major festivals’ main stages in the top slot at all.”

as stated by Alice Vincent in The Telegraph. How sad is that? If Two Door Cinema Club wouldn’t have backed out there would have been no female headliner. This has personally happened to me in Darling and at first I was very excited about the spot until I really thought about he fact that it is not exciting to be a replacement for our male counterpart and only when they’re unable to make it. Then next year, they’re still going to get the call to headline even if they were unreliable and that just sucks.

Any female who has ever tried to thrive in a male dominated environment knows that we have to work twice as hard to make it halfway. It’s, ‘Oh she’s pretty watch her’ but the follow through is never present. We want to change this, what do you think Beasts?

November 13, 2015 3:49 pm

With the impending close of its doors, Williamsburg’s hidden destination Cameo Gallery hosted an evening of music sure to leave a mark on the scene. Tuesday night’s show featured a stacked roster of up-and-comers including: Stranger Cat, Salt Cathedral, and Night Moves. While all three artists could be considered “under the radar,” their live performances showcased the best of the Brooklyn indie scene.

Stranger Cat opened the night with a set of electronic slow jams. Sexy, soulful, and filled with energy, songwriter Cat Martino (joined by drummer Alec Beckman) filled the small space with their larger than life sound. As they banged out syncopated beats on a full drum kit, Martino layered on electronic beats, synths, and effects to create a lush wall-of-sound experience that left the audience’s hearts pounding. A serious highlight had to be the slowed-down cover of Sia’s fantastic hit “Chandelier,” which the duo stripped to its most basic elements transforming the song from a pop anthem to an emotional outcry.



Next, Salt Cathedral pivoted slightly shifting the energy from a slow and heavy experience to an upbeat and light array of dance-inspiring experimental pop. Salt Cathedral, also a duo (vocalist Juliana Ronderos and instrumentalist Nicolas Losada) showcased some of the cleanest and most professional sets out there today. Their high-energy beats and tasteful vocals gave indie darlings Sylvan Esso a run for their money in the production quality department. Each song was perfectly executed which allowed their hit single “Move Along” to function as a pleasant finale to an overall great performance rather than the thing you’ve all been waiting for. Their electronic rendition Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” was also a welcomed throwback amidst an otherwise original set.

Finally, Night Moves took us home with some much-needed good ole fashioned indie rock. Normally a three-piece (guitarist and vocalist John Pelant, bassist Micky Alfano, and multi-instrumentalist Mark Ritsema), the band was joined by a rhythm guitar and drummer. With a five-piece band in tow, Pelant’s voice had a full body behind it allowing him to fill the room with his clean and tight melodies. After two futuristic female electronic artists, the all-boy outfit was able to turn the dial with songs that gave a nod to good old-fashioned Blues and Americana with a touch of Indie-rock flavor.

The evening was one for the books and – with Cameo on its way to the graveyard – it served as a great capstone to Williamsburg’s musical moment. Be sure to check out Stranger Cat, Salt Cathedral, and Night Moves when they come to a town near you and try to catch a show at Cameo Gallery – before it’s too late.