May 20, 2016 12:09 pm

There’s no reason for me to feign objectivism right now. This recap is mostly meant to be a piece for all of us at #ATYPICALSOUNDS to brag about the awesome show we just put on. This article will most likely read like Kanye’s ‘can I talk my shit again’ part off “We Major.” So if you were expecting some hard hitting analysis on Idgy Dean’s performance at Splash headquarters, then you’re kinda dumb.

Regardless of all the aforementioned bias, I am being so sincere when I say that Dean melted a bunch of faces, ark of the covenant style. Why would I say anything other than this? I love all of her music. Buy her album, you dunce, it’s good.

She came in charged up, commanding the crowd from start to finish. She went shoeless the entire time. This barefoot assassin put on a great show while also risking a possible staph infection out there. We love Splash, but we don’t know what germs are lingering on those hardwood floors waiting to pounce on an exposed foot.

I’m sure she’s fine. I hope she’s fine. It would be really underwhelming for a rock virtuoso like Dean to die from something as icky as a foot infection. Also, I do not know what type of liability we would have under those circumstances.


Thankfully, Dean’s performance went off without a hitch and she got everyone to rock out while lobbing a bunch of balloons back and forth throughout the crowd. No matter the age, balloons always tend to entertain. People spend millions of dollars producing highbrow television dramas while the same amount of stimulation can be accomplished from a room full of inflated rubbers.

Okay, so you’re reading this recap and so far you’re pretty impressed. You’re thinking, “wow, these guys had live music, an up-and-coming tech company hosting the whole thing, AND a whole mess of balloons??? How could they possibly top this?” I’ll answer that question with one word: booze. Thanks to Dos Equis and Widow Jane Distillery, we had it flowing all night. They helped make the night super fun and left people drunk enough to not notice that the Splash office was eventually overwhelmed by the smell of sauerkraut.

Regardless, no amount of sauerkraut would be able thwart Idgy Dean on this night. The maximalist showmanship put forth in her live performance simply inspires the hell out of us. Whenever she goes on a drumming spree and puts the guitar around her back, she is a knight preparing for combat. We couldn’t have asked for a better performance or a performer to encapsulate the Atypical Beasts aesthetic.

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April 27, 2016 1:42 pm

Every month ATYPICAL SOUNDS throws a crazy “After Dark” music meets tech party in the NYC office of Splashthe create-your-own event tech startup.

Brothertiger gave us an amazing performance, which we were able to capture on film and share with you.


After watching the video about 20 times, we feel very blessed that we were able to have Brothertiger play our party last month.

This video is the proof that these events are something very special. Great music from emerging artists, free beer from Sixpoint Brewery, Whiskey tastings from Widow Jane, and a hot new food vendor every month, there is a little something for everyone at ATYPICAL SOUNDS AFTER DARK at SPLASH.

The guest list is comprised of the who’s who in the Tech, Startup, Entertainment and Music world.  This event is amazing for networking minus the awkward Meetup vibes.

RSVP only for entry as the event tends to be sold out within hours of announcing it. Interested in hearing some amazing music and mingling with the top players in Tech and Music? Well then AFTER DARK is where you need to be every month.

Brothertiger Live at Splash

Stay tuned for our May party coming up with IDGY DEAN and check out the Brothertiger LIVE at Splash video below and find what its like to party with the BEASTS.