Teen Commandments Keeps Brooklyn Dancing

Rough Trade is one of my favorite venues in the city, so it’s always been a pleasure to see bands play here. Living in NYC for a while, I’ve heard about this Brooklynite band Teen Commandments but never had a chance to see them. I caught on to the accidental (or deliberate) biblical references once I learned that the lead singer’s last name was Moses. If I wasn’t already intrigued, I was now.

I didn’t know what to expect from Teen Commandments, but their stage presence is astonishing. There were neon wires drooped on stage and a seemingly random taxidermy squirrel propped on a chair behind the bassist. They walked on stage with retro white outfits and lead singer Brett Moses donned a biker jacket that made me nostalgic for the 80’s. Adorned with a flower crown and a beetle necklace, Moses attire was nothing short of eccentric, but I was instantly fascinated by his unique style and quirkiness.


The crowd’s eyes were immediately glued to them, and their upbeat synth-pop tunes were controlling my body. Their heavy beats and clear cut sounds of the guitar fused so well, it was almost impossible for me to stay still. People upfront were showing off their dance moves as if they finally got a chance to go to the disco. As the music progressed, the crowd followed. By the end of the night, everybody was raising their hands and swaying back and forth. This show took me through an epic journey to the 80’s! Definitely a local band to check out if you’re in the city!


After the finale of Teen Commandments’ superb performance, three piece band Prinze George showed a graceful presence on stage. They’re a fashionable band who brought a very authentic sound to the scene. What a great end to a great show! I finally have another band to add to my list.