Do you remember the 80’s? Do You? DO YOU?!

The 1975 does. At least the year or two of it that they were alive for. They’d like to show you what it was like.

The 1975 made waves in 2013 with their self-titled pop-rock debut. Walk the Moon with a nice, thick British accent. It seems they’re going in a bit of a different direction with their new single “Love Me.” A direction heavily influenced by Prince and the theme from Ghostbusters.

The song starts off with a promising guitar riff, illustrating what Daft Punk and Mark Ronson have proved: disco/funk rhythm guitar is still awesome. Then the rest of the band comes in, reminding us why Huey Lewis and the News is no longer a thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, Huey had his moments. But most of those moments came from Huey Huey-ing it up. In other words, unabashed 80’s power pop-rock. Huey didn’t also try to blind us with science, Thomas Dolby style. He knew that Dolby already did that, and you can’t blind someone with science twice. He also didn’t try to incorporate sparse Prince grooves into his music, as that would be diametrically opposed to his goal of blowing the top of your head off with his horn-infused party-pumpers.

The 1975 miss these points. “Love Me” sounds like the band just discovered 80’s music and crammed their favorite parts into a blender. While this is not an inherently flawed technique, The 1975 managed to produce a downright overpowering smoothie. The lyrics half-heartedly bemoan the plight of the successful musician (”fame, what a shame”), adding a stale dollop of Cool-Whip to an already bizarre creation.

Yet there is a great moment in “Love Me.” It’s the moment where the listener follows the band’s footsteps and says “Fuck it!” When you finally let go of all the reasons that this should be a terrible song, you’ll find yourself bopping your head. The ridiculousness of it all just washes over you, bringing a wry smile to your face. While I don’t foresee “Love Me” going down in any sort of history, I challenge you to get through the song without cracking a grin.

P.S. For the good version of this song, check out Jamie Lidell’sWhen I come Back Around.” It came out 10 years ago.