The Astral Sounds Of Moon Honey

Just in time for the lunar eclipse, the Beasts have come across the music of L.A. based psych-rockers Moon Honey. Moon Honey seems to operate on a higher level of existence! They have created a fantasy world of sound as timeless and beautiful as the plucking of a medieval harp. Seriously, it is quite possible that they are simply time travelers from another dimension!

It has been said that originality is the highest form of art. It is so with the music of Moon Honey. The peculiarity of their sound is quite difficult to compare. Perhaps it is due to the influence of the small city life of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Moon Honey first met and found inspiration. However, their sound eventually took on the lightness of the west, as a move to Los Angeles evolved their sound into the floaty psychedelic tunes we hear today. The falsetto registers from Jessica paired with the spacey effects and thoughtfully calculated chords from Andrew create a sophisticated and progressive sound that evokes the Aquarian aspirations of the sixties. Their lyrical content deals with mystical mixed with romantic themes of an esoteric nature, which adds to the curiosity that wells up in the listener. Since releasing their debut album Hand-Painted Dream Photographs in 2013, they have continued to impress with videos including the hypnotizing visual of The Cathedral,’ (below) released earlier this year.

Moon Honey spent most of the summer on their cross country ‘Boy Magic‘ tour, creating a buzz which we hope will only grow. As we continue to move boldly into the future, it is refreshing to hear a band that can keep up with the excitement of such a journey. Be sure to put on some Moon Honey this weekend as the full moon shines down, and the astral world draws near.