Phaedra and Elsa Greene were discovered by Ryan Graveface whilst playing an autoharp and singing “bizarre songs” under a tree in a Savannah, Ga town square. Today, they are collectively known as The Casket Girls. Nothing they do is ordinary, and this eccentric nature has lead to their huge following. Have you seen the music video they made with a broken video camera?! Epic.

Just last month they released their new album The Piano Album containing hits like “Sixteen Forever” and “True Believers.” Their past eerie-pop albums True Love Kills The Fairy Tale and Sleepwalking were enchanting and oddly wonderful. Ryan reminisces on the band’s facebook about the making of the sophomore album True Love Kills The Fairy Tale. “I dropped off a shit ton of songs to the girls to work on one night,” Graveface says of the genesis of True Love, the follow up to Casket Girls‘ critically acclaimed 2012 debut. “I went back to check on their progress, because they weren’t answering their phones. I don’t know if they dropped acid or what, but I walked in and Elsa was sobbing and reciting poetry while Phaedra was just staring straight ahead writing it all down, like catatonic. The next day they dropped off a CD and said, ‘We don’t even know what’s on this. You can throw it in the garbage if you want.’ I sat down and listened all the way through and cried. I was like, ‘Holy shit! They actually wrote a record like that!’ I booked studio time and had them re-record every note just as it was on the demo. They really didn’t remember any of it. Had to learn the songs as if someone else had written them entirely. Very bizarre.”

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