With HINDS’s first world tour behind them, their ridiculously happy vibe has now finally escaped mainland Europe and freely spread to all the corners of the globe. This all-female quartet is an incredible powerhouse of silliness and positivity that is guaranteed to put a smile on any grumpy old cynic’s face. Rarely is a pop band’s character so overt and so contagious.


HINDS (formally known as Deers) originated in Madrid in 2011 and found it’s first commercial victims in 2014 when they uploaded their self-produced demos Bamboo and Trippy Gum onto Bandcamp. Generally their music is described as garage rock, however they take a slightly more laid back approach, having also inspired comparisons to The Velvet Underground.

But they seem to occupy their own space all together. Their band pictures mainly look like house party shots spontaneously snapped from a disposable camera. Two of their music videos are directed by themselves, and feature them simply goofing around and having a generally good time. They also released a self-shot 30 minute world tour documentary which also shows them simply goofing around and having a generally good time. They make it seem as if they exist inside a bubble where there is no insecurity, no angst, no fear of not succeeding. Why should there be? Whether on a massive sound stage or in their living room, HINDS loves to do what they do, and I love that they just do it!

Hinds, from Madrid, Spain, performs at Cheer Up Charlie's on Wednesday.

In the Guardian feature that contributed to their exposure in 2014, they were aptly described as exhibiting “more passion than finesse.” Surely many of the quirks and false notes in HINDS’ music are purposeful, but this doesn’t make the comment less true. It is in fact exactly what makes HINDS such pure pop music. The music itself doesn’t have to be pitch perfect to bring their message across. On the contrary, it really shouldn’t! It is not so much a message of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” as much as it is one of “Hey you! Cheer the fuck up!” Their energetic character bursts through in all their creative efforts. It’s genuinely funny and endearing and it just makes you wonder why melancholic music is even a thing.

So be prepared. No amount of quarantine can keep you safe from HINDS and their energy, and as far as I am aware, there is no cure.