We love Mike Hadreas and his latest Perfume Genius release Too Bright. Perfume Genius pairs gritty pop with glamorous vocals and heightened production with it. The single “Queen” has a St.Vincent-esque guitar sound, with the same trademark Perfume Genius vocals. “Queen” has a certain progression from Put Your Back N 2 It, which was striped down, melancholy and piano based. My favorite lyric from the song, “no family is safe when I sashay”, is showing a ferocious sass that was not present on the last album. “My Body” also sees this enhanced production value bringing in industrial sounds and samples, this style is unlike his last release and blends a whole new world of sounds.


Tracks like “I Decline” and “Too Bright,” however, clearly come from the same mind that created Put Your Back N 2 It. It has those same piano chord structures with heartfelt lyrics about his uncertainty in life and his struggles with sexuality. They do not harness the same anthemic feelings we see on “Queen,” but is really the same sentiment shone through a different (and heartbreaking) light.

While the contrast in mood is sharp on the album, it does still resonate as one cohesive body of work. On “Too Bright” we see sides of Perfume Genius we had not before. His brokenhearted, diary-like songs have never demanded this same amount of attention. Hadreas is really coming into his own on “Too Bright” and demanding everyone take notice of it.

Written by Alessandra Licul