Being a writer here at ATYPICAL SOUNDS has opened my eyes into the world of the modern startup. A thing to remember is that startups are usually the smartest of businesses because of one thing that doesn’t stop them, restrictions. There is no restriction when you’re a startup, you can be as many things as you want to be as long as you can do them. In our case we here at ATYPICAL SOUNDS are just a branch of the much bigger and broader tree that is Atypical Beasts Agency. In this same spirit, the company Need/Want has found themselves the base of the many headed beast.

Need/Want is an ambitious company that manages a plethora of products. It is the head of Peel phone cases, Smart Bedding, Mod notebooks Emoji Masks and Second an A.I. personal assistant, see my previous foray into a.i. assistants.

The company started in 2013 when its two co founders Jon Wheatly and Marshall Haas met over twitter and came up with the idea for smart bedding. After Smart Bedding’s initial success, the two went on to think up the idea for Mod, then called Draft. The two decided to start Need/Want after their realization that making more than one successful product would probably work out best in the long run.

The company also runs an online publication as well as their own blog, which was initiated with the intent to keep their costumers in the know. The company seems to put a very high importance on transparency, something that is very uncommon yet held to a high regard in this world as well as startups.

The products produced by Need/Want are some that are very helpful. The Peel cases are light and practical, they are also very adequately priced. Smart Bedding was initially decent cheap linens and have since turned themselves into the luxury linen market… probably the right move for Need/Want, not so much for me as I can’t really say whether or not the bedding is any good. What I can say though, is that it does look very good.

Mod notebooks are paper notebooks that can be synced to the cloud! How amazing is that? While I only have physical notebooks, because I am weary of the internet, this idea does intrigue me as I have journal content that I don’t really want to lose. Emoji Masks are pretty self explanatory and just seem like a fun gift to give to a friend. Lastly their A.I. personal assistant Second, previously called “Jarvis” I’m sure they didn’t receive a cease and desist from marvel, that’s definitely not the reason they changed the name. Second acts as a personal assistant for only 25 bucks a month, a lot more than a corporal one would cost you.