Over the weekend, The National debuted two new songs: “Sometimes I Don’t Think,” and “The Day I Die” off an unknown forthcoming project. The fresh tunes are energetic, vibrant, and a good sign of things yet to come. The National debuted these songs at The Welcome to Hamilton benefit concert in Hamilton, Ontario. The benefit’s purpose was to raise money for incoming Syrian refugees fleeing war in the Middle East. The city of Hamilton has welcomed hundreds of refugees in 2016, with more arriving every day.

If you haven’t heard of The National, they are an American indie rock band that has been active since the turn of the century. Composed of lead singer Matt Berninger, twin brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner on guitars and keyboards, and brothers Scott and Bryan Devendorf on bass and drums respectively, The National plays indie/alt rock, a sound that has accumulated a massive following over the years.

The band came through to perform at the benefit concert after playing at the Toronto’s Field Trip festival previously. The National confirmed that they are recording in a newly renovated studio for their new album, which will begin production “soon.” After beginning their career in Cincinnati, Ohio, the band’s following is now scattered all over the world, each finding success individually as well as collectively.

The National is one of the few bands left intact that was influential in bringing indie and alternative rock to the mainstream. They initially rose to fame by playing weekly shows in New York’s East Side; electric Americana mixed with urban angst. They have kept the same lineup for over fifteen years, a good sign that their creative process works well.