In all sincerity, sometimes I just want to listen to a song and sway in the middle of an open field. There are very few open fields in New York City, so improvisation and make-believe might be necessary for this exercise, but as long as that root feeling is there, you need to satiate it correctly. Finding the perfect music to unwind to in peace is as delicate as doing one of those sailboats in a bottle things that everyone’s grandpa has at least three of for some reason. So let Frazey Ford be the captain of the SS Field Sway. You will not be disappointed.

Ford’s smooth and soulful voice rides through each track effortlessly. On “Done,” her single from her most recent release Indian Ocean, the heartfelt lyrics about her finally giving up on a terrible relationship can resonate with everyone. The straightforwardness of a line like “you spend all of your time trying to place your blame, and I’m done” gets straight to the heart of the issue. And when I’m field swaying, I want my emotions to be out there in the open.

Indian Ocean is filled with songs of great weightlessness, showcasing Ford’s gift to let the moment adjust to her pace, instead of chasing after anything. Natural Law is an interesting example of her adept tempo control. The verse has a steady progression in melody, along with horns being introduced, but it rises and falls gracefully throughout. Nothing blares, or overstays its welcome. Each layer is chosen to have its own moment in perfect fashion.

So the next time you need a field of earnest and carefree vibes, let Frazey Ford take you away. You’ll be in the warm, gentle hands of a wonderful songstress. I mean this metaphorically, of course, I have no idea what her actual hands feel like. Enjoy!