As if I Ever Could Keep a Promise –Mothers 

Mothers is a band from Athens, Georgia, and they hold a very unique sound. Their surf-rock vibe is mirrored by a high pitched yet powerful vocalist. Kristine Leschper has a way of swaying her vocals that reminds me of the front lady of Lightening DustAmber Webber. I find it hard to discover female vocalists who can command a room in the same way I imagine Mothers does live, and she plays killer guitar too!!

The lyrics are so deep and personal that you feel almost every feeling she is describing in such an honest way. This is the type of band you put on after a brutal break up or any other genuine heart ache. But you shouldn’t think that is the only aspect of their music that is important.  They surprise you in their song ‘There is no Crying in Baseball’ with some chant like singing and you might think she is actually scolding you!

The Beasts appreciate their unique blend of genres and their honest sound. We hope you’ll take a listen to their commanding tunes.  Check out their live session at Audio Tree Live!