2016 is definitely the year of Microwave. The Atlanta band has been on everyone’s radar for a while now, and for good reason.

The people who saw the band’s set on April 1st could probably all agree that they are no joke. Just getting off tour with Philly band The Wonder Years, Microwave has been ripping through sets for quite some time.

Their setlist included songs from their debut, Stovall and their split with New York band, Head North. The band brings an unmatched energy to every show they play, mixing elements of Post-Hardcore, early emo and self described “aggressive-indie rock.” They’re often compared to Manchester Orchestra and Brand New. For any former-emo kid finding a young band like Microwave with the sounds of the aforementioned is like finding gold.

Vocalist Nathan Hardy can bring an entire room to tears (or maybe I’m just over emotional) or incite a barrage of crowd surfers. A prime example would be the title track “Stovall” where Hardy’s vocal tone changes from sweet to passionate in seconds, in Jesse Lacey fashion. Someone tell Lacey he’s in good company. The band creates lyrics that are relatable and poetic, offering an exciting, fun and cathartic quality.

I’m positive that everyone who came to the show never hearing Microwave, hit up the merch table after it was over (or at least looked them up on Spotify and played them on the way home.)

If you’re looking for a band that will make you cry and yell at the same time, I suggest you check out Microwave. Maybe just not while driving.

Microwave is currently signed to Side One Dummy Records, if you can catch them in their hometown Atlanta, Georgia for Wrecking Ball Fest this August.