Three Thousand Rivers Give a Banging Performance

I love it when a hangout spot lives up to its name. The Living Room in Brooklyn is such a cozy venue, it actually DOES feel like you’re in someone’s living room. Upon entering the inviting red curtains into the main game, you notice people tend to hang out around the stage, beer in hand, leaving an awkward space between the band and the audience. As the Band Seed artists start performing, that’s when everyone starts to get more comfortable, slowly drifting towards the stage song after song.

Three Thousand Rivers then take to the spotlight after Easy Blanket. With game faces on, you know they’re ready to give a bangin’ performance. I was able to speak with Noam just a few days before the show, and he revealed that there is “a lot of drumming involved with the audience in a particular song,” and it got me more than excited to see the show. They originally started as a folk trio among college friends who “just started jamming together for fun.” But now they’ve grown and have a wide range of instruments playing a combination of rock, folk, and funk tunes which contributed to their “own sound.” Right off the bat, you can tell that they draw inspirations from bands like The Mountain Goats and Jeff Mangum, with intricate layers of sound and rhythm.

Being a part of Reade St. Music helped them “create a community, rather than having a wall between audience.” While performing their newly released song “Body Aha”, a man started handing out buckets and sticks into the audience. Everyone seems a little shy at first, but there’s always that one person who goes up to the front and makes a circle. As promised, this song truly unified the crowd and made everyone sing, clap, and bang their buckets along to the song, creating a lively environment. It didn’t take long, but at this point, everyone was having the time of their lives! Noam spoke about how the band has been working closely with Brooklyn-based poet Talia Lavin, who wrote the lyrics to “Body Aha” and many other songs with them.

So, what’s in store for The Three Thousand Rivers?

“We’re hoping to release an EP later in the year, and hopefully record more songs. We’d also want to headline a show, and want our songs to be heard more by the public!” So go ahead and listen to “Body Aha”, it’ll want to make you bang on some buckets!