Traveling Time and Space with DMA’s

Do you miss the 90’s? Do you miss brushing your barbie’s hair while listening to the Spice Girls? Well DMA’s is nothing like that! In fact, they’re more likely to dropkick you in the face, steal your barbies and rip their heads off! They are, however, a radical brit-pop revival act (think Oasis with a Blur ‘Song 2’ days attitude) which happened to roll through New York City’s Mercury Lounge this past Wednesday night. The room was packed for a mid-week show, perhaps due to their recent slot at Governor’s Ball. Naturally, there was no shortage of Aussie accents in attendance. These mates from Down Under have serious swagger on stage; larger than life attitude. Somehow, it all ties in well to the sensitive guitar-driven songs they’re playing. With all the touring and festivals they’ve been doing it seems they have their set down to the T, encore and all.


The band formed in Sydney, Australia as the bedroom project of three best friends, each a respective singer/songwriter and band member in his own right. With a stockpile of recordings, DMA’s released their single “Delete” in February of 2014 along with a home made video. The song blew up almost

imagesinstantly gaining them national recognition. Shortly after, they released their debut self titled EP through I OH YOU and hit the touring circuit. With a recent American release, and a full LP in the works, Mercury Lounge was just one stop on the boys’ International tour. Next stop, Chicago.

As a kid who spent most of the 90’s growing up in Australia, this band had me reveling in all my boyhood glory. Be sure to check out DMA’s in the near future, as they expertly archive one of the greatest periods in rock and roll history.