Turnover A New Leaf

Ever have a bad day, but then at the end of the day you’re still jonesing for more? Itching for other things to go satisfyingly wrong? Maybe you’ve taken solace in your misery. Sometimes you just want to stare out a rainy window, but you have to drive home first and can’t figure out what to listen to on the way. Enter Turnover:

It’s difficult for a band to strike a good balance between high-energy and low-morale without sounding desperately morose. Turnover walks that line sure-footedly, pairing catchy hooks and a driving beat with washy guitars and introspective vocals. The Virginia foursome’s newest album, Peripheral Vision, represents a step forward for the band, whose earlier material is a little more “angst” than “melancholy.” You can still see the angst behind Peripheral Vision‘s maturity, however, like a teenager who’s overgrown his old fancy clothes. The band’s inner child shines through their new duds, and the result is earnest and true, an accurate reflection of a difficult transition. See for yourself as they continue their North American tour, hitting NYC’s Gramercy Theater October 1st.

If you’re like me, you’re entering autumn kicking and screaming, unwilling to forget that blissful summer so fresh in your mind. You begrudgingly dive into a marathon autumn, a whirlwind routine you’ll continue through Christmas. Turnover knows how you feel, and they can help you through it–if you let them. Will you? WILL YOU LET THEM EASE YOUR MELANCHOLY?!