Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Social Media is EVERYWHERE. Even my grandmother has a Facebook page.

What’s your @? Is basically the new way of asking someone for their phone number, more and more people are meeting their partners, making connections, and pretty much discovering anything they want at the tap of a finger (literally, my way of flirting with an old flame was obsessively liking his pictures for 6 months until he noticed me).

Sometimes your feed gets a little boring and you want to freshen it up. Luckily for you, you’re in the right place! Here is an official list of Twitter accounts you should be following, approved by a 20-year-old who just got done binge watching Rick and Morty for 4 hours!

Screen_Shot_2016-07-13_at_1.44.48_AM (1)5. Emergency Kittens (@EmrgencyKittens): What’s the internet without Cat Pics?! @EmrgencyKittens has you covered for your Cat-Pics-Based needs! It’s an account of little words, but who needs words when you have KITTENS. This account is recommended for cat and dog lovers alike but be cautious— time has it’s way of creeping up on you when you’re looking through feeds like this.

4. Click Hole (@clickhole): “Because all things deserve to go viral.” This account is a site created by The Onion and it’s a satirical account that parodies websites like Buzzfeed and its absolutely hysterical (well it’s either that or my brain is destroyed from getting internet access at 11 years old and never looking back). The articles range from quizzes like “ Can You Identify These Candies or Are You An Idiot?” to articles like “So Apparently There Is Something Called A Salmon And It’s Freaking Adorable.”


3. Mitski (@mitskileaks): You’ve probably heard of Mitski before, she’s an indie musician who’s new album Puberty 2 (along with all of her music) is nothing short of incredible, you have to listen to it. Her twitter feed (Mitski if you are reading this please don’t roll your eyes at me, I’m sensitive) is pretty great too. In other words, I came for the music and stayed for tweets. Again, please take my advice and take the time to check out a very,very talented individual and listen to Mitski’s music. Listen to her music while scrolling through her feed.

2. Hannibal Buress (@hannibalburess): Is it a cop-out to put a comedian on this list? Isn’t it their job to be funny? Maybe, but if you’re not following the comedian Hannibal Buress, you’re missing out. One Chicago press even called Buress the funniest man alive. Don’t you want to know what the funniest man alive is tweeting or ate for breakfast?Here’s another Drake tweet that made me follow someone: “@hannibalburess: I wonder if Drake ever goes to the club incognito and says “damn they played 6 of my songs back to back. This is fun.”

1. So Sad Today (@sosadtoday): “She died as she lived, tweeting while crossing the street,” I would follow this account into the void. The account, ran by author Melissa Broder, is a collection of sad tweets that Broder began in 2012. Since then, various tweeters including Sky Ferreira and Dev Hynes of Blood Orange discovered So Sad Today which helped the account grow. At times it can pretty controversial and some claim she just uses the account to be promote sadness as a trend, however many people turn to social media and humor in order to cope. Broder is also a published author and her collection of essays “So Sad Today” is in stores now.

Do you have any favorite Twitter accounts? Tell us @AtypicalBeasts.

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