Thank the heavens and nature for granting us opportunities galore to indulge in the the most innovative eats this metropolis has ever seen. Uber Eats has arrived! The ever-popular car service app has launched a new food delivery service, because taking over the world requires going after the hungry and the lazy first. Seamless has got some new competish in these gritty streets of New York (and Los Angeles, Chicago, San Fransisco, Houston and Toronto). Uber is slowly dominating, and I don’t think anyone will fight this one.

Uber Eats has technically been around since April of last year, but inconveniently only available in the afternoon during lunch hours in midtown and with a very small handful of restaurants. This time around however, they’re available from 8am until midnight with a serious list of mouth-watering offerings to choose from including Hill Country Chicken, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Pies ‘N’ Thighs, and the amalgamation of everything we love about America, the sushi burrito.

To add some grill to the flame, for a limited time there is no tip or delivery fee included! Eventually, they will start including a small delivery fee, but until then, I’ll have to pack away my seamless. And although it would be pretty cool to pretend my dinner is being delivered by the mafia while its escorted by the black truck and suited driver that Uber is known for, they boast a speedy delivery (mostly under 30 minutes) thanks to their bike couriers. I have some meals I need to enjoy without moving. Get the app available on iOS and Android here!

Written by Annie Paul