Video Premiere: Kate Copeland’s “Breaking”

The new Kate Copeland video showcases the artist’s songwriting, composition and artistry and delivers it in a glamed-up 50s themed package. The track starts off with a sparkly piano-ukulele theme that shows off Copeland’s composition chops. The song occupies a very niche psychedelic-singer songwriter genre and it pulls you in with anecdotal lyrics.

Kate Copeland plays a stifled housewife. She certainly dresses the part in addition to dressing the video in a sepia tone indicative of the period. The narrative unfolds cinematically with beautiful setting, costuming and makeup. One of the more touching elements of this video is the throwback home video segments, making Copeland’s story personal to not only the characters she creates, but to the listener.

The narrative of the video and the musical elements of the song build concurrently. As she breaks down, so does the music. “Breaking” is not so much a traditional music video as it is a short feature length film, mostly because of the breadth of topics and emotions it is able to encompass in 3 minutes and 49 seconds.