As a 5th year college student (yes, 5th year, shut your mouth I’m graduating) I am living a life that is so overwhelmingly busy. A life Screenshot_2016-04-21-21-48-53which is controlled by two things; my inexplicably small bladder that sends me to the bathroom every 5 minutes, and of course my planner. I would be nothing without my planner, it’s my life and it’s my wife. Why am I bringing this bout of random information up? Because I have found an app that claims to help you organize your life a little more.

Vurb is an app that works like a grocery list, but for your life. It is an interactive collection of every important meeting, appointment, due date, etc. It helps you compile lists of things that you might want to do, whether that may be watching a new movie like Green Room, or trying out a restaurant that you’ve been meaning to go to like Blend on the Water. Vurb allows you to search for it and add it as a “card” to your (appropriately named) “deck” of things to do.

The app sells itself on being a reminder of sorts for things you might want to check out later, it also sells itself on the ability to be able to share this with friends. Ay there’s the rub, for in that ability to share with friends what friends may come? Vurb allows you to sync up your Facebook friends with the app. That did not look good.

Now I’m not saying I am the most popular guy in the world, its just a mathematical fact. Out of the 350 (rounding down) friends on Facebook that I have, only one has this app downloaded. That’s .3 percent. So .3 percent of the people that I have met in my life have this app.

Vurb app has been around for more than a year, the fact that no one that I know has it is not a deciding factor of whether or not the app is a dud, like I said I’m not the most popular guy in the world (I’m the second most.)

Vurb can be useful in many ways, while some of us will stick to a physical planner, or in some cases good ol’ pen and paper, or even..the calendar on your phone, it is good to know that there is a more modern alternative to trying to get your shit together. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and plan things out once in a while, you could miss them.