With synth-heavy pop melodies and serious 80s vibes, Montreal-based indie outfit How Sad makes the kind of music you wish was the soundtrack to your life.

The band’s debut EP, Indian Summer received praise after its 2013 release, with Consequence of Sound calling it “a watercolor sunset, all brightly smeared streaks and warm, enveloping hues.” That same dreamy sound can be heard on How Sad’s new album, Everything Happens. 

How Sad’s style can best be described as David Bowie-meets-MGMT with moments of peaceful bliss that’s distinguished as their own. The nine-track album sends listeners into a sun-soaked daydream, with visions of warm summer days to offset the impending cold weather we’ll be soon be faced with. My personal favorite is “Check It Out”, a cheery little number that sounds like it’s straight from a Coca-Cola commercial.  “Young Couple” could have easily been used in a John Hughes movie if it had come out in 1985, perhaps in a scene where Molly Ringwald slow-dances with her date at prom or something.  “Cloud Nine,” which I could see being How Sad’s breakout hit, is one of those songs that instantly puts you in a better mood when you hear it.

You can grab your copy of Everything Happens here, and be sure to check out How Sad when they play in city near you. In the mean time, listen below!