Right before they started their set at Palisades, the emcee of the night introduced Washer as his “favorite two-piece since he saw his mom in a Bob Marley swimsuit.” I laughed really hard at this, so if you still have any respect for my taste in anything, thank you. Either way, once the hard hitting duo of Mike Quigley and Kieran McShane got things going, the celebration for the release of their debut album, Here Comes Washer, was in full gear.

Similar to the feel of their LP, Washer stormed through each song at a breakneck pace while never feeling rushed. Nothing lingers for too long on Here Comes Washer. Each moment lasts as long as it should and they move on. “Safe Place” runs for a minute flat, and it gets so much accomplished in that short amount of time.

Here Comes Washer has plenty of great Lo-Fi gems to it, but the songs that tend to really stick out are ones that show Quigley fully unleashing his voice and showing us what it is able to do. The shrillness of “Porky” is a highlight and his hearty bellow in “Got Drunk And Ate The Sun” sounds even more effective live. My favorite Washer songs tend to be the ones that go into full bellow mode. The way Quigley’s able to elongate each note on “Eyelids” leads to such an enjoyable sing-along hook. Seriously, it’s not every day that a group of Brooklyn concertgoers chant “forever and ever, Amen.”

There were plenty of fun moments like that, especially in between songs. I’m not sure how many people saw this, but there was this bearded guy who would continuously pop his head out from backstage and give Quigley and McShane these intense smolders. Most of the time, they didn’t notice, but there was a good 5 second stare down between Washer and the bearded gent and it was pretty great.

Midway through the set, Quigley assured the crowd that they were a very sloppy band, flubbed on the opening notes to “Human” and then said, “see?” He quickly righted his wrong, though, and they proceeded to jam out to one of the album’s best tracks.

Oh wow, I might be burying the lede super hard right now, but all of this was happening while the second biggest snowfall in New York history was getting under way. I think we all know by now, but winterstorm Jonas was no joke. As soon as I exited, there was a good two inches of snow on the ground that was not there beforehand. The commute from Bed-Stuy to Staten Island wasn’t the easiest, but seeing Washer release their first album in perfect fashion was worth being engulfed by the rabid flakes.