Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow make up the electronic, synth-pop R&B trio Wet. Coming off a stellar self-titled EP released in 2013, Wet has just released full length album Don’t You.

Pitchfork roasted the album calling it boring and surmising this to the fact that Wet is taking the worst elements of its varied influences (folk, R&B, 80s synth stuff), however after taking a listen to the album myself I have to completely disagree. It is merely chilled out.

The R&B element is understated. Just because tracks like “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” don’t remind me of TLC doesn’t mean there isn’t a softer, Destiny’s Child-esque sincerity. “Deadwater” is catchy, classically structured and an all-round jam; the album even picks up and shows some diversity with “All The Ways.”

I’m still attached to their EP’s “You’re The Best.” I caught one the band’s CMJ showcases and she is dynamic live. I especially enjoyed Marty Sulkow’s adorable stage presence.

An album doesn’t have to be exciting or attention grabbing to be good. Don’t You is more a soundscape and less a hit-factory kind of album. You can flow seamlessly from one song to the next, perfect for those moments, looking out the train car imagining yourself on the set of Girls or some other quintessential indie set featuring Adam Driver. Upon my first listen I thought it was unique, hypnotic and relaxing, I played it for days on repeat. Pitchfork should give their content a second listen before jumping to conclusions.